Mikhailov, Vitaly – “The Best of Life”


Mikhailov was born in the Soviet Union in 1969. Throughout his youth and his compulsory service in the Soviet Army, Vitaly honed his artistic abilities for which he quickly gained the recognition of Soviet officers, and was subsequently enrolled in The Moscow Public Art Institute. After his two years of military service, Mikhailov continued his art education as a set designer, and matriculated at the prestigious Kharkov Art and Industrial Academy. A connoisseur of art and beauty, Vitaly became fluent in Russian and French, in addition to his native Ukrainian tongue, which afforded him geographical mobility and an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the late 18th and 19th century Renaissance masters. His lifelong studies and tome of work has won him international acclaim as a uniquely versatile artist.


  • 24″w x 29″h




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